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btw, name's Kat, but nearly everyone know me as Anna c:


I won’t be vacant anymore

I won’t be waiting anymore

I won’t be faking anymore

I won’t be waiting anymore

Always, not been able to say what I really feel. I’ve hurt you numerous times, and made youcry so many times. . I’msorry. Honestly I always since before the kind of person that I am. It’s because I Love y o u.


Ask the Love Pass Characters Here

The Princes and Butlers (and bmpLP!MC) are eager to reply >wO!!

I’m trying to reach more followers for bmplovepass before I post the rest of ch1 so I don’t have to spam my main blog! Asks are always open and gag comics/ask answers will be posted under Omake

There’s a lot to do! Please send asks to help me pick and prioritize. (example: finishing the character bios or more post chapter pages)

ALSO! If you like the Roberto click me on the blog page, you can request for other princes. Then I’ll put up a tutorial on how install the cutie.

… where are you

I’ve just did the Cinammon Challenge.

I wanna cry 

I think I should wear my glasses more often 

my eyes hurt a lot


最後の恋、俺にくださいの菊池颯介本編 ♡


悪魔教師 -it’s time for torture-
Character intro

Sorry but I can’t handle the title.

"It’s time for torture"



when you correct the teacher



games where you get to pick how your character responds to something by choosing one of a few simplified responses but then your character says the complete opposite of what you thought you were going for


i’m so bored in class
is someone out there o:

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That’s a fucking low number. That’s fucking sad.

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